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Cold War Era Bunker - Unreal Level Design

The player enters the level as a spy with a simple mission: Find the "secret code" and leave no trace. Unfortunately for the player, it is virtually impossible to move through the space without making a giant mess! Hundreds of physics objects and destructible meshes make trashing this place entirely too much fun!

Dave colvinson bunker countdown

Ominous Countdown Clock

Dave colvinson bunker datastorage

Old School Data Storage via magnetic tape!

Dave colvinson bunker officespace

The Queen does not approve

Dave colvinson bunker console

Models were based on two historical points of reference: Nuclear reactors from the 1960's, and NASA's Mission Control command centre, as seen during the Apollo moon landings.

Dave colvinson bunker physicsim

Physics Simulations means that virtually every object can be picked up, knocked down, or thrown clear across the room!

WIP Unreal Level

Dave colvinson blueprint projecticorus

In-Game blueprints, as found on the desks. Note the giant robot factory cleverly disguised as a dairy farm!